From the recording Songs of Rabble and Roots

This song was inspired by the odd role the wife of our fiddle player is relegated to in the band. Mike’s wife Carola has been a tremendous help carting instruments in and out of gigs, and selling our CDs. While she’s busy doing all this, she gets to watch the female fans ogle her husband as he uses his "sexy" fiddler moves to tease the audience. ~ Jeff


I’m sitting in the cheap seats cause I’m the Fiddler’s wife
I wanted dinner and romance but I wound up here tonight.
He gets all the glory, it’s him they idolize
I just lug the instruments, and sell their merchandise

All the woman love him and his sexy violin
They all want my husband, though it’s a mortal sin
I sit here in the audience and I pretend to be OK
I roll my eyes at how they act, and try to look away

The fiddler's wife
The fiddler’s wife

When he pulls his bow across the strings, it makes the ladies HOT
They think he’s playing just to them, but I know that he is not.
They lust after his risqué moves and dream of an affair
But I’ve seen him in his underwear and well, we’ll stop right there...

The fiddler's wife
The fiddler’s wife

But I hope and pray someday... that they will understand
They’ll make my dream come true ...and I’ll be play’in in the band.

They tell him “You’re amazing!”, I tell him “Wash the clothes!”
They swoon when he steps up to play, I sit here comatose
But I know when all the lights go down he’s coming home with me
Cause I love him, and he loves me, and that’s a guarantee!

The fiddler's wife
The fiddler’s wife
The fiddler's wife
The fiddler’s wife